SWOT Analysis

Swotcompare.com includes a guidance video demonstrating how to do SWOT analysis using an online SWOT analysis tool. Swotcompare.com has an expansive variety of business applications including business SWOT performance analysis to assess how the business is doing in accomplishing its set objectives as well as business plan SWOT analysis to objectively compare investment opportunities.

Quite apart from business advisory organizations, matured organizations would also admit that applying SWOT analysis in the business decision-making process is essential and very useful for managing stakeholder decision making when faced with multiple options. Comparatively assessing available options by applying weighted factors is a rational objective decision-making process. This approach mitigates the potential for a group or an individual skewing the decision towards a self-inclined as opposed to team-inclined direction. Adopting swotcompare.com facilitates this process by offering a streamlined, flexible approach with a visually impactful outcome.

Typically, a comparative SWOT analysis of a new product (such as a component in a manufacturing line) is the recommended approach when an organization is presented with options for replacing or retaining existing equipment. Applying Swotcompare provides users with an objective, yet decisive SWOT tool.

Swotcompare is an innovative SWOT evaluation tool, which comes with a SWOT analysis matrix template, offering a multitude of possible applications. SWOT analysis should ideally, be undertaken as a team exercise to promote the essentials of diversity and inclusion within the team. Swotcompare offers users a flexible and adaptable starting point to develop a SWOT Analysis template for objectively comparing multiple options, thus facilitating an otherwise potentially subjective decision-making process. Applying this approach is more poignant where there is a team with multiple backgrounds and stakeholders with divergent interests. The comparative SWOT analysis approach offered by Swotcompare converges the teams’ viewpoints by aligning towards options offering higher-ranking Strength and Opportunity.

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