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    Business, project, operations and lifestyle decisions have a new toolkit. C-SWOT comes with built in criteria and scale.
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    Project KPI and Balanced Scorecard assessment tool kit: C-SWOT
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    Analyse your options for business strategy formulation using C-SWOT.
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    Need to resolve a knotty decision with stakeholders? Use C-SWOT to analyse criteria and reveal a balanced view point.
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    Project appraisal and selection essential tool kit: C-SWOT.

SWOT analysis has been an important strategic planning tool since its introduction in the 1960s by Albert Humphreys and has since become an established standard for strategic planning amongst the business community. Schneiderman’s Balanced Scorecard introduced in the 1990s by Kaplan and Norton has found its application in providing objective, holistic viewpoint on contributory criteria to performance assessment.

In every facet of business and social life, we are faced with options from which we need to make a strategic, informed decision by undertaking a comparative analysis of available options to arrive at the most holistic and favourable decision. We aspire to make appropriate, balanced and informed decisions based on due consideration of key decisive factors. These factors are traditionally categorised into Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats or more commonly known as SWOT.

The comparative SWOT Analysis tool: C-SWOT, provides users with an instant-results-yielding hybrid of the SWOT Analysis and the Balanced Scorecard  methodologies by way of a visual graphic output.

It offers a pre-defined set of criteria based on the category of decision to be made, assigning weighted points from a scale to each criteria. The output provides a graphic representation of how the available Options being compared fare against each other within the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat factors and a decision can then be made to select the most favourable option.

Now users, either working individually or in focused groups, are able to carry out SWOT analysis on any digital media platform. The analysed  output is readily available to share with your audience as a presentation slide, print out or email transmittal.

If you've ever needed to do a SWOT analysis, use them regularly, or are thinking about using one for the first time, then C-SWOT is a must-have tool.

Key Features:

  • Create custom themes with custom criteria to suit your objective.
  • Create and store multiple objectives.
  • Create multiple options for comparisons such as: candidates’ assessment for a specific role, project selection, asset acquisition, performance across chain of various company branch/outlet, holiday or retirement destination… the possibilities are endless!
  • Results are presented within a clear user defined chart option (bar chart, pie chart) and a summarised comparative data table.
  • Resulting output can be printed directly, exported in standard PDF format or sent via email.